Black Student Given “Most Likely To Blend In With White People” Award

A black middle schooler from Texas was awarded the “Most Likely To Blend In With White People” superlative from her teacher.

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Sydney Caesar, who just finished 7th grade at Anthony Aguirre Junior High School in Channelview, TX, was given the offensive superlative by teacher Stacey Lockett. Lockett has been in the news within the last few days for some of the other ridiculous superlatives she’s given to her other pupils, including “Most Likely to Become Homeless” and “Most Likely To Become A Terrorist.”

“For that child to either be called a terrorist or she’s not black enough, basically now the students are taking that and that’s her label for the rest of the school year,” said Caesar’s mother, Latonya Robinson. “Everyone doesn’t believe that this is real. But yes, this certificate shows that this is real. This happened. And we have enough bullying as it is by other students, now it’s being done by a teacher.”

According to the Daily Dot, the Channelview School District is taking these matters “very seriously,” and does not condone the behavior of Ms. Lockett.

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“The Channelview Independent School District would like to emphasize that a recent incident where insensitive and offensive mock awards presented to students are in no way associated with the AVID College Readiness System or the AVID Center,” the statement from the school district read. “Channelview ISD does not support this type of recognition under any circumstances and the placement of the AVID logo on these certificates was an error. At no time was the AVID program itself involved in this unfortunate incident.”