‘Blonded’ Delivers Renditions Of A$AP Rocky’s “RAF” With Verses From Frank Ocean

“Please don’t touch my RAF,” will be a phrase echoed out of the mouths of every trap beat-loving hip-hop head for five reasons– A$AP Rocky, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, and Frank Ocean.

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The Blonded radio host along with Vegyn and Roof Access, debuted two versions of the track on Monday’s episode (May 15). Whether you prefer a more emotional and energy-fused verse from the artist or a relaxed one, Frank has served you both.

The hosts played everything from Shawty Pimp to LCD Soundsystem, the band that replaced him on the Sasquatch! Festival lineup. The singer thanked the artists along with The Beatles, who helped him through writers block during his Blonde creative process.

On the track labeled, “Version 1” below, Ocean raps, “Mix the ravioli, stuffed with the diamonds right, right/We don’t have the same problems.” While on “Version 2,” he utilizes his voice to play more with the beat, rhyming, “RAF dragging on the floor, b***h, flame thrower in it, in it/I’m torching the road with these Gucci Flames/Stuck to the pavement, they glued.”

And in case, you’re like me and had no clue what RAF is, the song refers to a menswear designer, Raf Simons. The menswear brand has collaborated with Adidas on sneaker designs that will run anywhere between $300 to $415. For the Fall 2017 season, Simons graced the Calvin Klein runway for the first time as Chief Creative Officer, with former experience including Christian Dior.

So, basically, they’re talking bags –something we all can aspire to.

Frank Ocean also circulated his previously-released cover of Aaliyah’s “At Your Best (You Are Love).” It’s safe to say this episode of Blonded delivered a range of sonic blessings.

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