The Internet Says Bow Wow Is Lying About Flying On A Private Jet


Some things never change.  The internet is dragging Bow Wow yet again, only this time its for allegedly lying about flying on a private jet.

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On Monday (May 8), the 30-year-old actor/rapper used a photo of a private jet to plug his upcoming reality show, Growing Up Hip Hop.

“Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop,” he captioned the jet pic. “Lets gooo.”

But the private jet story never took flight, thanks to a crafty internet spy who happened to snap a pic of Bow apparently flying  coach to New York City (scroll below to see the pic).

#ShadMoss don't tell us you out here flexin' 😩

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Bow seemingly responded to the fury with a pretty obvious explanation:  the grainy image of him flying commercial was actually an old  pic.

He also added, “Half ya’ll broke mafukkas [sic] still can’t afford a buddy pass on Spirit airlines. Stay out the big boy lane.”

Sadly, the “big boy” lane that he apparently merged into, doesn’t involve the private jet that he posted on Instagram. The photo appears to be from a VIP transportation service out of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The company used the exact same image on it’s website.

In Bow’s defense, he didn’t actually say that he was flying on that particular jet, but the implication was bad enough.

Check below for reactions to Bow’s private jet debacle.

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