Bow Wow Explains Private Jet Snafu On ‘Ebro In The Morning’

After the Internet did some digging to uncover a snafu in Bow Wow’s private jet snapshot, a new social media challenge sparked in response to the revelation. Now, the “Shortie Like Mine” rapper — born Shad Moss — is speaking out on the headlines.

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In an interview on Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning,” the Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta co-star said he’s enjoying the hilarious comments. “I love it because people don’t understand the scientific method to my madness…Number one, I’m about to have the biggest show on WEtv, period. I’m saying that right now, period…You gotta just watch the show. Everything is for the show.”

When asked who snapped the photo of him in economy class, Moss reiterated, “You gotta watch. I could’ve been on set, you gotta watch bro…It’s a method to my madness.”

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For the Ohio native, being the butt of the joke doesn’t seem to harm his endeavors outside of the World Wide Web. “It doesn’t affect me. It doesn’t affect the women. It doesn’t affect the bank. It doesn’t affect anything,” he told the morning crew. “I feel like people who react to certain things, I feel like that’s how they would react if it was on them. Me and all my homies we play around all day. You got to have thick skin, period. So when the joke is finally on me I don’t really care.”

The conversation later segued to Moss’ brief exchange with controversial rap historian/DJ Funkmaster Flex. The issue stemmed from the latter referring to Moss as a “mumble rapper” and comparing him to Lil Yachty. Although Moss said he “wasn’t even offended” by Flex’s opinion, he remained puzzled by his name’s appearance.

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“Out of all the mumble rappers in the world that are out right now, we’re in the mumble rap era, what the hell made you think of Bow Wow this morning?” he asked. Moss also thinks a personal past issue could be the reason for Flex’s name-drop, but “it makes no sense.”

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