Casanova Trains Like Rocky In His “Stick And Move” Video

Brooklyn’s Casanova is finally having his moment in the lime light, not to say that his time to shine is limited, but it’s been years of blood, sweat and tears for the rapper to reach this point.

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After making waves with his New York City anthem, “Don’t Run,” the rugged rhymer earned himself a spot on VIBE’s first New York City The Fresh Pack concert. Back in 2016, we debuted the showcase series during Atlanta’s A3C festival to much success, and now we’re bringing it to our hometown on June 9th. Casanova, along with a special list of Rotten Apple talent will be taking the stage at the Grammercy Theatre. Tickets are currently available for purchase here. (We will announcing more acts in the coming weeks.)

Before the show, take in ‘Nova’s brand new video for his movie-esque video, “Stick and Move.” While he portrays a boxer who is looking to leave a life of crime in the flick, there are many aspects of his lyrics on the song that are true-to-life for the rising star.

“I’ma be the next 50 Cent,” Casanova tells XXL. “I haven’t seen him get bullied, you know. I know nobody’s never gonna bully me. And I’m gonna piss a lotta people off in this industry. I could see me doing everything he did and succeeding. I believe that I’m something these certain rappers are not. I’m not into being a groupie, you know. I’m not getting this dude number to ask for a feature.”