The Get Down: LeBron James, Kyrie Irving & Iman Shumpert Dance During Workout Session


So, this is what happens when NBA stars have some downtime.

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On Sunday (May 7), the reigning NBA Champions beat the Toronto Raptors (109-102) for a seat in the Eastern Conference Finals. While getting some needed R&R before their next match-up between either the Washington Wizards or the Boston Celtics, some of the ballers of the Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert) decided to have a little fun during a workout session.

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If you’re wondering what song is being used in the turn up, it’s Playboi Carti’s “What.” Looks like the trio will have a few more days to have some fun, as the Wizards-Celtics series ends either Friday (May 12) or Monday (May 15).