Charlamagne Tha God Makes Brawling Georgia Teachers Donkey Of The Day

No one is off limits from earning the title of “Donkey of The Day” by Power 105.1 talking head Charlamagne Tha God. Whether it be Kat Williams, Donald Trump or his “best friend” Tomi Lahren, The Black Privilege author takes no issue with publicly giving someone the credit he believes they deserve for being stupid, and on Thursday (May 25) he bestowed that humiliating honor to two Georgia teachers for fighting in class.

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Brittany Randolph-Johnson and Milan Etheridge both 27, have been charged with disorderly conduct in a public place after footage showed them fighting inside a classroom at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Middle School. Yet despite them both being unemployed and ruining their potential careers in education, Uncle Charla also needed to let them know about their unprofessional behavior.

“Number one, ladies, there’s absolutely nothing that pressing that you two had to get down right there in the classroom, okay,” Charlamagne said. “I refused to believe the issue you two were scrapping over had to be handled right then and there. What happened to being professional?…C’mon, know your environment. Y’all could’ve aggressively whispered at each other. ‘Wait until after school, b**ch.”

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District officials released a statement notifying parents the behavior demonstrated wouldn’t be tolerated at the school. “The employees involved in the unacceptable physical altercation at Stone Mountain Middle School will be terminated following the conclusion of the appropriate district processes. We will never tolerate such behavior in our schools.”

Two grown women brawling inside a classroom with students? Charlamagne really had no choice, did he?