Timothy Loehmann, Officer Who Fatally Shot Tamir Rice, Fired From Police Department


On Tuesday afternoon (May 30), Cleveland, Ohio officials announced the termination of Timothy Loehmann, the officer who fatally shot then 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Nov. 2014. Loehmann was not charged with Rice’s death.

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According to Cleveland.com, Loehmann and officer Frank Garmback were previously issued disciplinary letters. The news site adds that Loehmann was found guilty “of lying on his police application.” Garmback will face a 10-day suspension, the New York Times reports.

The city’s police chief, Calvin Williams, shared the news during a press conference. Per Buzzfeed News, he said, “There’s a 12-year-old kid dead — people on both sides are going to say we didn’t do enough or we did too much. We have to go through our process. We have to be fair and objective to our process.”

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On Nov. 23, 2014, two officers responded to a 911 call that an unidentified black male was reportedly “pointing a gun at people” in Cudell Recreation Center’s park. Once the officers arrived on the scene, Loehmann pulled out his gun and immediately shot Rice. The young boy was holding a BB gun.

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