Colorado Teacher Reprimanded For Trump Piñata Party On Cinco De Mayo


A Spanish teacher at Roosevelt High School in Colorado was placed on paid, administrative leave pending an investigation by the school district that will commence on Monday (May 8). The reason behind the unidentified teacher’s reprimanding is in light of a Cinco de Mayo event, where students were encouraged to take a bat to a piñata with Donald Trump’s face on it. Do what you will with this information…

The Friday shindig was captured on video obtained by Fox-affiliate KDVR, showing blindfolded students swinging at the Trump-inspired stuffed toy, which was tied to a tree—this according to the

“This was an incredibly disrespectful act that does not reflect the values of Roosevelt High School or the school district,” Superintendent Martin Foster said in a statement shared on Facebook.

An irate parent of a student at the school also shared an image of the event with a caption, “So, this happened at my daughter’s high school today. The Spanish teacher allowed students to destroy a piñata that had Trump’s face on it.”

Reportedly, the other side of the piñata featured Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who refuses to pay for the wall Trump is eager to build along the U.S.-Mexican border.