Connecticut Police Say They’ve Viewed Video Of Unarmed Teen Shot By Officer


Bridgeport police have confirmed they’ve viewed a video that shows another perspective of the fatal incident involving unarmed teen Jayson Negron, who allegedly hit an officer with a stolen vehicle before he was shot.

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According to The Guardian, the Connecticut-based station made the announcement Sunday (May 14) after the footage came to light on social media Friday (May 12). The shooting happened Tuesday (May 9) when police claim Negron, 15 and his friend Julian Fyffe, 21, were caught with a stolen car by officer James Boulay. The teen allegedly backed the car into the officer, causing him to fire three times with one of the bullets hitting Jayson in the chest, not in the head as previous reports stated.

Fyffe was also shot but expected to make a recovery. Both were unarmed. Fyffe’s mother Edris Lomax told reporters her son and the teen were trying to get out of the vehicle but police blocked them in. “The door just wouldn’t open. He was trying. Then they’re still yelling, ‘Get out the car, put your hands up’ and he was like, ‘What do you want me to do, put my hands up or get out of the car?” she said.

After the shooting, police and public accounts painted different portraits of the teen’s time of death. While police claim the teen was dead at the scene, Jayson’s cousin who filmed the teen handcuffed on the ground says he was still alive and left on the ground for hours to die. “This is a nightmare. Bridgeport PD told my family they shot Jayson in the head and was dead on scene this video clearly shows otherwise,” Rivera tweeted. “They left my baby cousin on the ground to die.”

As the video circulated on social media, Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez told reporters he didn’t watch the video because the investigation was still ongoing. He did add that an ambulance “got there relatively quickly” but was told he didn’t have to cover the teen’s body if didn’t “disrupt” the crime scene.

Boulay, 30, has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. “This is definitely a tragic incident that happened,” Bridgeport police spokesperson Rowena White said.

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