New Podcast To Debate Bill Cosby’s Life & Legacy As Sexual Assault Trial Begins


The opening statements for Bill Cosby’s trial for alleged sexual assault of Andre Constand are set to begin on June 5. And as the new “trial of the century” quickly approaches, a podcast, Cosby Unraveled, will reportedly delve into the life and tainted legacy of America’s once beloved TV dad and comedian.

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The forthcoming on-air show, which will be produced by Philadelphia’s local station WHYY, will reportedly “explore Cosby’s beginnings in the projects of North Philadelphia, the heights of his influence, and the causes of his downfall,” according to the station. The podcast, will also be making the argument that  Cosby is still a quintessential part of Philadelphia (his hometown) and TV culture, despite his legal woes.

Metro columnist for the Award winning columnist and WHYY reporter, Annette John-Hall, will reportedly host the show. While the former actor’s career and reputation have plummeted to depressing ratings, the podcast will likely attract a decent audience, or at least bring up an interesting discussion.

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Also of ahead of Cosby’s court date, NBC News reports that five of the 12 jurors who will ultimately decide Cosby’s fate, were selected on Monday (May 22). The demographic as of now reportedly consists of a middle-aged white woman, a middle-aged white man with a relative who is a sexual assault survivor, a young white men, and an elderly white man, and another white woman who looks to be no older than 30, NBC reports.

The rest of the jury will likely be set late this week. Cosby Unraveled, however, will reportedly publish its first episode tomorrow (May 24), followed by three more leading up to Cosby’s trial date. Listen to the three-minute podcast trailer here.