Da$H Is Back On His Jersey Bullsh*t With New Tracks, “All That There” & “Jang Joe Freestyle”


We already told you New Jersey’s Da$H was getting his raps together to flood the Internet blogs and street corners once again.

After a brief hiatus, the flame spitter is back with “All That There,” produced by H.N.I.C. and his “Jang Joe Freestyle,” produced by TheLaterPeople. Both tracks are lyrically mastered to remind rappers that no one does it like the boys of the Garden State.

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“A lot of motherf*ckers think it was easy,” says Da$H. “And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a lot of opportunities that I know niggas would kill for, and I definitely appreciate all of them. But you really get what the fuck you put out, so nobody is ever going to be able to say I didn’t work for what I got, or that I don’t deserve to be where I’m at. They didn’t sleep on the couches and floors that I did. They didn’t sit there and go hungry for days at a time, taking responsibility and caring for other people like I did. I’ve sacrificed a lot. I’ve watched some of my best friends die. It’s easy for them to say whatever. Just say it to my face, but I come at everybody with respect.”

Da$H is prepping his #Skrewsday project for release later this year.

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