Daymond John, ‘Shark Tank’ Star, Opens Up On Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

Daymond John, Shark Tank’s longstanding co-star, shells out coveted advice when it comes to the world of business. But in the world of health, the famed entrepreneur is soaking up all that he can given this life-altering news.

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According to ABC News, the 48-year-old remained candid on his stage two thyroid cancer diagnosis. During a doctor’s visit in March 2016, half of John’s thyroid was removed. That’s when he learned of his condition, but decided to open up on the matter during an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday (May 10). The other half remains “in the event that it comes back, I’ll be able to fight it,” he said.

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On why he chose this time to share this part of his personal life, John said the desire to remain in his family’s lives served as a catalyst for the revelation. “I’m good and I want to share this with people because that’s what success is,” he said. “It’s staying in your family’s lives, it’s being around.”

Upon learning of his diagnosis, the FUBU co-founder immediately monitored his health and didn’t hesitate to schedule medical check-ups. “I didn’t skip a beat. I understood that I had a challenge and if I would attack it now, then I wouldn’t have let it attack me and I had that removed,” he said. “I didn’t miss anything, I was out partying and dancing two days later, not that I should’ve but I wanted to share this information with people because what would I have went through if I decided to just stick my head in the sand and go, ‘you know what, I’m not going to check into stuff,’ I would’ve really had some big, big problems.”

Watch his discussion with Robin Roberts below.

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