DJ Khaled Is Allegedly Eyeing L.A. Reid’s Now Vacant Spot At Epic Records

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DJ Khaled is really taking his popular mantra, “We the Best” to heart. After releasing a number of top-charting hits – most recently, “I’m the One,” featuring a number of heavy-hitters in the game – a new report suggests the mogul is now ready to take over a major record label. Page Six is reporting that Khaled has been eyeing LA Reid’s now-vacant chairman position at Epic Records.

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“He was petitioning to get that job,” sources close to the music label told Page Six. The producer allegedly explained to sources why he would be the best man for the job. “‘He’s like, ‘I make more happen than anyone in the game, why would I not be considered to run the label?'” The insider continued.

Reports concerning Khaled’s bid for chairman have in no way been confirmed. “Khaled is a big hype machine — not a person who’s running a record label,” a source told Page Six. There are allegedly several other high-power execs gunning for Reid’s role, according to the publication. There has reportedly been buzz surrounding Sony Music UK CEO, Jason Iley or RCA President Tom Corson.

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The vacancy at Epic came rather suddenly, after officials announced that LA Reid would be stepping down. His departure was announced shortly before allegations of sexual assault were brought to the public’s attention. Reid has been responsible for numerous music careers including Future, Rihanna, OutKast, Justin Bieber, and many more. DJ Khaled may know a thing or two about making a hit single, but he definitely has some large shoes to fill, if the rumors are true.

This story is still developing.