DNCE & Nicki Minaj Find Love By “Kissing Strangers” (Video)


DNCE made the perfect video for anyone who believes kissing is as essential to life as breathing. The pop-rock band’s long-awaited visual for their Nick Minaj-assisted “Kissing Strangers” single really puts all of their spit-swapping skills to the test. As Joe Jonas runs errands to prepare for a house party, everyone around him catches the urge to grab the person next to them for a little tongue wrestling action.

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Jonas’ house party starts off with a innocent game of spin the bottle, but the festivities really pop off once the seductive Young Money rapper walks through the door. The DNCE frontman’s jaw drops in awe as Minaj passes by the bar to get up on stage with him. Hoping he gets his “seven minutes in heaven,” Jonas’ facial expression clearly screams “kiss me now!” the second Minaj brings him close to her lips.

Find out if the pop star really gets the kiss of his dreams in DNCE’s video for “Kissing Strangers” below.