Don Lemon Snaps On ‘CNN’ Guest, Asserting That Trump’s Media Rhetoric Encourages Violence


During Wednesday night’s episode of CNN Tonight (May 24), Don Lemon had zero tolerance for political commentator Paris Dennard’s denial that President Trump’s bashing of the news media encourages disrespect and violence.

While discussing the assault charges brought up against Greg Gianforte, a Republican congressional candidate from Montana, for allegedly body slamming a reporter from The Guardian, Lemon consulted a panel for their opinions. When it was Dennard’s turn to contribute to the conversation, he took a stance that the politician and the reporter shared culpability and compared the situation to the Reese Witherspoon film, The Election. The CNN host cut him off almost immediately, insisting that the lack of respect for the media that Donald Trump perpetuates was responsible for incidents such as this. The former director of black outreach for President George W. Bush dared to disagree, which only increased Lemon’s annoyance.

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“That has nothing to do with anything?” says Lemon. “That people feel that they can get away with it, because I don’t believe that you actually believe that. There’s no way you believe what you’re saying.”

A heated exchange between the former Dennard and the journalist ensues until Lemon exercises his authority as host, cutting off the conversation and saying goodnight.

Watch the clip form CNN Tonight above. Listen to the altercation between Gianforte and the reporter from The Guardian below.


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