The Wall Of Donald Trump’s Dreams Will Cost $1.6 Billion

Donald Trump’s big ask for a border wall between the United States and Mexico finally has a numerical figure beside it. According to Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, as part of the 2018 budget proposed by the White House on Tuesday (May 23), $1.6 billion of the $2.6 billion border security funds will be specifically for the “bricks and mortar for a wall.” This is a bump up from the previously requested $1 billion unsuccessfully aimed towards 2017 construction.

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The previous request would’ve been for 62 miles of border, with 14 of those miles being replacement fencing. CNN reports that the updated amount would only cover a few dozen miles of wall. In order to cover a full wall across the entire southern border, the country would have to reach much deeper into its pockets for tens of billions of dollars.

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The Department of Homeland Security didn’t get any extra coin for wall construction in 2017. However, Congress approved them using $20 million originally allotted for other things to pay for prototypes for a future wall project.