The Internet Is Truly Baffled By Donald Trump’s Use Of The Word “Covfefe”


Typos happen to the best of us. Whether you’re a teacher, college professor, writer, scholar or just someone who adheres to the rules of the English language, a typo or two is common. Autocorrect, which has become spell check’s annoying little cousin, sometimes comes in handy but oftentimes changes words without your permission. We here at VIBE are almost certain no one ever means to type “ducking.”

Yet, when you’re the leader of the free world double, or even triple checking what you write should be second nature. Just after midnight Wednesday (May 31) Donald Trump took Twitter to offer his opinion as he so often does, but in doing so he left the nation perplexed.

#Wayment… who or what is a #covfefe??? Somebody please take Donnie's phone.

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It appears as if the president meant to write “coverage” but remixed it by adding an unnecessary f and a few more e’s. What was more surprising was the tweet wasn’t deleted for at least another hour, which is the equivalent to 10 years on the Internet.

Once social media got wind of Trump’s blunder, in true Twitter fashion the memes, gifs and stellar tweets began. Oh yes, it was a time!

Happy Wednesday, people.