Donald Trump’s Amended Healthcare Bill Barely Passes The House And Is On Its Way To The Senate


The Affordable Healthcare Act has been on Donald Trump’s agenda for as far back as we can trace. Thursday (May 4), may have started the beginning to the end of an era of Obamacare. The House snuck the Trump administration’s revisions to the AHCA to the Senate with a 217-213 victory. Amidst this victory, only twenty Republican representatives voted against the bill, while no Democrats stood in support of it.

The bill that is on its way to the Senate is said to deprive 24 million Americans of their current health care coverage, drive up premiums for older citizens, and reverse protection of those with pre-existing conditions from being charged more.

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Although only 20 Republicans opted out of voting in favor of the amended AHCA, some have expressed their interest in seeing the Senate apply some “significant changes.” But, democratic California representative, Nancy Pelosi says, “They [Republican representatives] have this vote tattooed on them. This is a scar they will carry… Why would they vote for it, if they don’t think it’s worthy of support and the Senate will change it?” A question that probably will never be answered. But, according to the California minority leader, the Senate has “no interest in passing this bill as is.”

Many have expressed their disposition toward the president’s changes to the bill, but early this morning, activist Samuel Sinyangwe made it his duty to create a Twitter thread that reveals all the harsh repercussions that will transpire for black Americans if the bill is passed. Some include cutting support for students with disabilities and elders with medicaid, in addition to tax credits for the rich.

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Politicians and concerned citizens, alike, have already began banding together to express their disapproval of the current state of the amended AHCA bill. Some have even questioned whether it’s too early to call in to their state’s senators to express their disdain toward the recent vote. Activist and writer, Brittany Packett, ensured to tweet out a New York Times article that reveals all the House’s representatives and how they voted.

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