Erykah Badu Praises Zendaya For Slaying ‘Tyrone’ On Lip Sync Battle

Zendaya made her appearance on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle on to remember as she took on the stirring spirit of Erykah Badu by performing “Tyrone.”

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The Spider-man: Homecoming actress took on her co-star Tom Holland Sunday (May 8) by laying down the jam and essentially leaving everyone speechless. Before revealing her song choice, the 20-year-old told host LL Cool J, “Well this first song, I mean, it’s a classic. If I do this, I gotta do it right.”

And right she did. While she didn’t completely dress the part, Zendaya paid homage to Ms. Badu by rocking a similar head wrap to the one seen in the 1997 music video/live performance of the song.

Her performance even warranted a shoutout from the queen herself.

The entertainer also took on the modern jams as well by channeling Bruno Mars for a lip sync to “24K Magic.” In addition to the slayage, Holland managed to do justice to Rihanna’s “Umbrella” by not only dressing the part but getting down all the dance moves.

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Gotta love music right?