Fake Pastor Scams Retired Nanny Out Of Over $20,000 In Life Savings


A retired nanny from Brooklyn, NY wants to prevent those with kind hearts and open minds to be weary of scammers after she was robbed out of her life savings.

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In an interview with CBS New York65-year-old Dorthy Edge opened up about the May 11 incident that has left her life in shambles. Edge was walking in East Flatbush when she was approached by a woman pretending to be an heiress from South Africa. The unidentified woman claimed she inherited money she wasn’t able to take home and wanted Edge to donate it to a charity on her behalf. As she opened up to Edge about her issues, she captured the attention of a “pastor” who was more than willing to help.

Edge claimed the pastor drove her home to retrieve her life savings to prove she wouldn’t double cross the woman. She says the pastor gained her trust due to her close relationship to her faith. “The man with the Bible in his hand who said he’s a pastor and he’s going to help — that’s what caused me to trust – the pastor,” Edge said. Because Edge didn’t have a green card, she wasn’t able to place her funds in a bank. The pastor also went to grab his money so the group can bless it, but actually handed Edge a bag of shredded newspaper.


“From 26 years I came to this country I started saving that money — 26 years,” she said. “I’m angry at myself most of all – at myself. Not even at them, because I was the one who handed over my money.”

Police identified the scam as the pigeon drop scam, which is mostly targeted towards the elderly. Edge beleives she’ll never get her money back, but is willing to start over again. “I’m willing to work to pay my bills, but who is going to give me a job?” she said.

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