Not Cute New York: ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Defaced With Peeing Dog


The “Fearless Girl” statue placed in New York City during International Women’s ’17 was joined by an unwelcome companion over the weekend.

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According to the NYPost, sculptor Alex Gardega placed the statue of a small dog, titled “Pissing Pug,” urinating next to the “Fearless Girl.”

“This is corporate nonsense,” Gardega told The Post of “Fearless Girl,” and stated that he feels the young girl placed piece placed in front of Arturo Di Modica’s famed bull statue is just a publicity stunt and not a true symbol of feminism.

With discussion about the newly tranplanted pug taking storm online, the controversial artist further expanded on his intentions. “I decided to build this dog and make it crappy to downgrade the statue, exactly how the girl is a downgrade on the bull,” said Gardega, who has never met the other statues’ creators.

Kristen Visbal created and placed “Fearless Girl” on a temporary permit in March, but the agreement was extended by Mayor Bill de Blasio for another 11 months shortly after.

The city has yet to speak on the matter.

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This image of “Fearless Girl” with Lil’ Yachty’s trademark braids has also gone viral, but its authenticity is questionable.