‘Feel Rich: Health Is The New Wealth’ Documentary Aims To Spread The Importance Of Healthy Eating

Whether you’re attempting to get in shape for the summer, or your doctor told you your blood pressure is too high, the foods you consume have an impact on your life and even how long you live.

Documenting the revolutionary shift in hip-hop from maintaining a healthier lifestyle, director Peter Spirer teamed up with Quincy D. Jones III and Shawn Ullman to present the new documentary Feel Rich: Health Is The New Wealth.

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With appearances from Common, Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Meta World Peace, Fat Joe and Quincy Jones, the forthcoming film traces how many black families turned their backs on farming for more urban jobs during the great migration and the generational impact its had on the foods African-Americans eat.

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In an exclusive clip, watch some of hip-hop’s best lyricists talk about their early relationship with food. Feel Rich: Health Is The New Wealth hits Apple Tuesday, May 23.