Stay Woke: 5 Funny Covers Of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone”

Before the Age of Information, a classic song would be classified as one with great vocals, an incomparable instrumental, and depending on the genre, how many remixes it managed to garner. But these rules don’t necessarily hold the same weight that they used to. In the case of  Childish Gambino’s “Redbone,” the track has arguably gained classic status due in part by the memes and bizarre covers its managed to warrant.

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The mellow but groovy track has managed to capture the attention of Wiz Khalifa and CeeLo Green with their respective covers, but it’s also been the source of bizarre yet hilarious covers.

As we head into Governors Ball weekend, we decided to celebrate the psychedelic funk-filled single from one of our favorite headliners, Childish Gambino with five of our favorite comedic mash-ups that the internet has to offer. Sure, you wont hear these on Randall’s Island, but at least you’ll be grateful to hear the real deal live.

Crack up below.


5. The Kermit Version

Now, y’all better stay woke because Kermit the Frog is creeping. We’re not talking the tea whisper or Darth Vader Kermit you’re used to. This time around, Kermit’s taken the role of Gambino and is wondering about Miss Piggy and the rejections he’s been facing.

Clearly, he hasn’t gotten use to his singing chops so he has a hacking cough about halfway through. But the Ker-mixed version is pretty entertaining.

4. The Parental Version

One may not suspect, but “Redbone” makes the perfect background music for your parents’ fighting –or anyone’s parents for that matter. Whether the argument maintains battling over who broke vows of faithfulness or masking the troubles from the kids, the dramatic instrumentals pair well with the intensity of any verbal assault. Let’s just make sure we kiss and make up though.

3. The Smash Mouth Version

It’s safe to say that instrumental of Childish Gambino’s prized Awaken My Love! track sounds good under any type of vocals, even those of Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell. Yes. The internet took it there.

The band’s infamous lines from the 1999 single “All-Star” echoes with grit over the smooth, funk beat.

2. The Famous Dex Version

Let’s talk about how the “I Live in L.A.” rapper’s ad-libs are the appreciated annoyance you didn’t know you were missing from the track. Say what?!

1. The Yea Boy Version

Does anybody remember the kid who attempted the longest “yeah boi” ever? Well, someone mashed up his Flavor Flav rendition to the none other than the “Redbone” beat and created the funniest piece of synthesized sonic art to ever grace the internet.

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Honorable Mention: The Singing Too Close To The Mic Version