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Freddie Gibbs Breaks Silence On Sexual Assault Case And Bears His Soul On 'The Therapist'

Freddie Gibbs reveals his true feelings of the 2015 incident in the cathartic therapy session.

After a nightmarish year and a half of being falsely accused of sexual assault in Austria, and almost losing his career and freedom behind it, Freddie Gibbs has finally broken his silence on the case.

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On the series premiere of VICELAND’s newest show The Therapist, Gangsta Gibbs sat down with Dr. Siri Sat Sam Singh PhD LMFT to reveal --- for the first time --- his feelings behind the unfortunate incident that put a damper on his career. During the intimate conversation, Dr. Singh draws the real details of what took place between 2015 and 2016.

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“In 2015, I did a show in Vienna, Austria. Some females had accompanied some of my associates back to the hotel. What type of encounter or sexual encounter or whatever it was, I didn’t know the details because I wasn’t in the room when anything took place,” Freddie explains.

“I do a show in Paris and the day after I got to my hotel room and people just pop out of nowhere like it was the janitor, the bellboy, the guy on the corner in plain clothes, everyone just turned around and turned into the police,” Gibbs said with a slight chuckle. “The girl had changed her story and said ‘I had a dream that Freddie Gibbs raped me too."

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The You Only Live 2wice rapper tells Dr. Singh that he was offered a plea deal of 3 years in prison if he admitted to the false allegations, but he maintained his innocence.

Thankfully, he managed to beat the case after “scientific evidence” proven that he was innocent. Despite that, Gibbs says that the accusations and the experience itself was traumatizing.

“And it wrecked my name. It put a black eye on my name. Something that I would never be involved with,” said Gibbs. “I got a daughter, sister [and a] mother. I would never impose my will on a female. It was traumatizing.”

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In fact, the deflated Gibbs revealed one of the more shocking revelations that he was so deeply scarred and angry behind the incident, he was seriously considering quitting Hip-Hop all together.

“A lot of this made me angry at the world. It made me angry at Europeans in general for a minute, my friends, my job, myself. I’m still not sure if I want to do this anymore,” he confessed.

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Throughout the revealing and cathartic therapy session, the two had a deep conversation about the huge role that race relations played in the trial, the starling depth of Gibbs’ depression and fear, and his lack of trust for people including many who were in his circle. Dr. Singh tells Gibbs, who also revealed that a part of him as died, that to move forward, he must not only use his anger in a positive fashion, but also make that he allows himself to grieve.

“Anger is divine if you use it correctly,” Dr. Singh tells Gibbs. “It is not to [be used for] revenge and come from negativity, it’s to elevate. Otherwise, this will continue. It is necessary that you grieve.”

He warns Gibbs that he does not grieve and process his emotions and the incident, he may never be able to love again.

The new show spun off from a Noisey episode that featured Dr. Singh’s eye opening session with YG after he was shot three times in 2015.

Since the therapy session, Freddie Gibbs has since released his new album You Only Live 2wice.

Watch The Therapist on VICELAND every Monday night at 10:30 ET.

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