Funk Flex Uses The “G-Code” In Response To T.I., Breaks Down In Tears Over Biggie’s Death

As promised, Funkmater Flex opened up his Instagram Live Thursday evening (May 4) to clarify his previous comments on the late Tupac Shakur, as well as respond to those who found them offensive such as Ed Lover, Suge Knight’s son Jacob and notably, T.I.

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“I’m going to keep it the g-code right T.I. because g-code is the word that you used,” he said before getting into the story of Tupac’s 1994 shooting at Quad Studio. “When you’re carrying a pistol on you and you’re a celebrity, you know you have a problem with somebody which is non of our business, but they [were] friends. He [Tupac]  said on the news that Biggie did it. Back to g-code T.I, in the grand scheme of things, we’re not supposed to call false names on anything that happens on the street. You’re supposed to take that up the issue you have with the person you have an issue with. Tupac was screaming Biggie’s name, Tupac lied bro. I know the whole ‘disrespecting the dead thing’ but Notorious B.I.G is dead also and I’m going to stay on that forever.”

“T.I., I was on the radio when that happened, my brother. I was on the radio breaking Digital Underground on BLS in 1990, when you were ten-years-old so you wasn’t aware of it,” he added.

He also made sure to speak to DJ’s Ed Lover (who happened to be watching the live stream) and Mister Cee who also criticized Flex on addressing the 20+ year-old troubling and speculated topics. In addition to that, he cleared up his previous statements about Tupac shooting himself in Quad Studios.

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The most telling moment of the live stream came when he broke down over Biggie’s death. “He [Biggie] never said nothing about him,” he said in tears. “He [Tupac] lied [and] no one wants to tell the truth. Y’all ni**as don’t want to tell the truth. That’s not g-code. That’s liar code. I don’t give a f**k. He lied and they shot and killed Big, killed Big because of what he said. It’s alright though, I’m cool. Whatever.”

Towards the end of his live stream, he addressed Suge Knight and his son Jacob over his comments on Instagram.

Watch that particular portion below.