Funkmaster Flex Entangles Lil Kim In His World Wide Web Of Accusations


Funkmaster Flex is apparently trying to revive 90’s hip hop, but in the worst way imaginable. Flex decided to open up what some may refer to as a fictitious can of worms regarding rap royalty, Tupac and Biggie. This garnered a response from T.I., which resulted in an intense, tear-filled follow-up by the Hot 97 DJ. Perhaps, to recover for the backlash he got for shedding some tears over the G-Code, Flex decided to come for the Queen B, herself last Wednesday (May 3). The radio DJ claims that Lil Kim got her then-fiance, Damion “World” Hardy, to attempt to fight him.

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But, Lil Kim wasn’t having it. She took to Twitter to clear the air.

According to her memory, she was the only one “to keep [World] off of [Flex],” even though she agreed on the mystery reason behind the organized brawl, she still went to bat for Flex because he was “the big homie.”

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Funkmaster Flex has yet to respond to Lil Kim.

I guess no one can lie on the Queen and get away with it, huh? Maybe Flex should take Bed-Stuy rapper’s advice and “meditate, do some yoga, or something,” because it won’t be a good look if the most recent inductee into the Bronx Walk of Fame is out here “tweakin’.” If that doesn’t work, Lil Kim is just a call away.

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