‘Get Out’s Alternate Ending Presents A Sadly Predictable Outcome

** Spoilers abound **

The way moviegoers viewed social-thrillers changed forever on February 24, 2017. Get Out debuted to rave reviews and a nearly perfect Rotten Tomatoes score. The film, directed and written by Jordan Peele, placed viewers in the seemingly inescapable world of a black man in white America.

Since its release, interviews from the cast and those behind the lens have surfaced, letting fans in on little known facts and an alternate ending that almost made the final cut. Although the finale of the theatrical release closed on a high note, this latest visual might put a damper on your mood if you’ve seen the film.

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In the original screening, Rod — TSA personnel and best friend (LilRel Howery) of main character Chris (Daniel Kuluyaa) — rescued the latter after he escaped the nearly life-altering grasp of the Armitages. Chris killed his girlfriend Rose Armitage (Allison Williams) and her family, who preyed on able-bodied black people to usurp their physical makeup.

However, in this newly surfaced snippet Chris gets arrested and thrown in prison for murder instead of being saved by his heroic friend. The nearly four-minute video places Chris and Rod on opposite sides of a glass as they communicate via phone. Rod pries for answers as to what transpired while Chris looks dejected in an orange jumpsuit.

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In an interview with Buzzfeed’s Another Round, Peele dished on the need to leave the audience with a sense of euphoria given the movie’s spellbinding ride.

“It was very clear that the ending needed to transform into something that gives us a hero, that gives us an escape, gives us a positive feeling when we leave this movie,” he said. “There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the audience go crazy when Rod shows up.”

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