Premiere: Harriet Brown’s “Mother” Video Is One Weird But Funky Trip

Harriet Brown’s hypnotic tunes first flew onto my radar during Red Bull’s 2017 3 Days in Miami concert series. His show was nothing short of mesmerizing… really, it left me wondering how all that soul could come from a short Asian man.

Hailing from Oakland, he made his way to Los Angeles to hone his sound and tap new fans with his ever evolving catalog of music. Back in April, the eclectic artist released his full length Contact album to much fan fare. To really understand his genius, you have to know Harriet is a singer/songwriter/producer/unbelievable liver performer all in one package.

In time for Mother’s Day, he debuts his “Mother” video on VIBE on this Friday afternoon (May 12), which is just a small dose of his abstract, yet deeply emotional mind. Your mom will probably love the track, but it’s much more than just another dedication song.

“Mother” is actually an old song that I wrote back in 2013, while still living in Oakland. But interestingly, the song itself has widened to include so much more than just me and my own feelings over the years; it seems to be more relevant now than ever,” Harriet tells VIBE. The song is about feeling so absorbed in your own issues and depression while knowing there are much more important things going on in the world to care about, and feeling overwhelmed with how to tackle this disparity, and feeling guilt that this disparity even exists. It’s about having both awareness and selfishness. How do you deal with and feel about your own personal, trivial issues that, in the present moment, weigh you down so heavily, while the world, in all its true, dark misery, continues to turn?”

“I often write about the allure of space, but this song is actually about the need to be brought back down to Earth, to be grounded, present and sharing life with the rest of the world, as opposed to only living in your own<," says Harriet. "As beautiful and comfortable as it can be, you can’t spend all your time in space watching the world from a distance." Harriet Brown's Contact album on is available on Bandcamp now.

The singer is hosting an album release concert in L.A. on May 25.

From the Contact Press Release:

Contact is a concept album about communication and the contact we purposely, accidentally and inherently struggle to make between friends, lovers and strangers, be them human or otherwise. What contact do we make with our higher being, that compels us to fall back and ground our asses when we get too high past them clouds? Or what is this fear we feel as a result of broken communication, a sorta paralysis in the face of a potential threat to our collected cool? These are the questions HB’s asking and communicating 2 U all.”