Racist Question On New Mexico High School Exam Leaves Students Angry

Students at Roswell High School in New Mexico thought their final biology exam would be difficult, but they weren’t exactly prepared for one of the questions that was posed. According to students in the class, a question asking “why are n***ers black?” popped up on the test, leaving many uncomfortable and concerned.

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A screenshot of the question quickly circulated through the high school and the rest of the community. “When I first saw it you know, I was just taken back like. You know, this isn’t right,” Justice Adler, one of the first student to view the exam, told local station KOB 4. “Then I kept reading it over and over again and I just got so angry. Minorities aren’t just words. We are people. Like, we have feelings.”

The Roswell Independent School District and the Public Education Department are reportedly looking into the incident, and believe the exam was “altered and tampered with,” KOB 4 reports. In an official statement to the school community, the Public Education Department confirmed that “no such question exists” on the original course exam.

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Although students were not obligated to complete the end of the test, many students and their parents are still concerned about the stain it will leave on their community. “I am not black, but my grandchildren are and it affects everybody,” Teresa Roden-Delgado, a Roswell resident said. The alleged hacker has not been caught yet.