High School Pranksters Hang Black Doll Depicting Black Principal From A Noose

Wakefield High School administrators are currently looking into a possible hate crime incident that included a black doll being hung from the school’s roof.

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WTVD reports students arrived to school after Memorial Day weekend Tuesday (May 30) to find a black santa doll hung from the roof with a banner that read, “Make Wakefield Triff again, #SmartLunch.” The school’s current principal  Malik Bazzell, who is black, replaced Tripp Crayton, who is white, in 2015. Other acts of vandalism included defaced areas of the school’s stadium and baseball field.

Before the doll was taken down, students posted photos from the scene on social media. Students believed the incident was intended to be for a senior prank which takes place right before graduation.


The act has left the school in shock. “Let me be clear: This was an offensive act that has no place in our school. The imagery is deeply offensive and everyone in our school community should be appalled,” Bazzell said. “Vandalism is a crime and we will seek criminal charges.”

Groups like the Black Student Union on the high school’s campus questioned the intentions of the alleged prank. Just last year, pranksters defaced the school with swastikas for 2016’s high school prank.

Students have voiced that Principal Bazzell was strict, but didn’t deserve to be the victim of a hate crime.  Administrators are investigating the incident to find the perpetrators.

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