This Former Label Head’s T-Shirts Are Inspired By Kanye & Worn By Migos

Sean Glass’ West Hollywood apartment is a hub for creativity, filled with art, slogans and quotes to steer him toward ideation and execution.

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Above his kitchen entrance are the words “Ultralight Beam,” the opening track’s title on Kanye West’s 2016 album The Life of Pablo.

“To me, it means to try to make the best f**king thing in the world,” Glass explains. “Every day.”

Images of Tom Ford, Kobe Bryant and LCD Soundsystem line the walls. “My whole apartment is strategically aligned for me to see things that inspire me and bring my thoughts to the places that I want,” Glass says.

The DJ and former Apple Music creative (and son of music mogul and Glassnote Records founder Daniel Glass) has a new endeavor that he’s going full-force with: clothing.

Starting with t-shirts, Glass’ Small Difference line is out now online. His tees, $45, feature custom screen-printed, handwritten statements that range from witty to poignant.

The debut tee says, “Bc my life is dope and I do dope sh*t,” taken from Dave Chappelle’s story about Kanye West on The Tonight Show.

After spending weekend one in Indio, CA at Coachella, the designer talked to Billboard about how his dad influenced who he is today, the inspiration behind Small Difference, and why he wants to see you in a 5X tee.

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Read the entire interview with Sean Glass on Billboard.