Home Depot Co-Founder Alleges EBT Card Holders Use Food Stamps To Purchase Drugs


Apparently, the co-founder of Home Depot is convinced that it’s even possible for EBT card holders to purchase drugs with their food stamps. In his spot on Fox News’ Your World With Neil Cavuto on Wednesday (May 24), Ken Langone expressed his own theory into justifying why it’s okay that Trump’s budget plan includes a $200 billion cut in the food subsidy program.

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While the appliance store co-founder agrees that no American should go hungry, he goes on to question how people are able to buy “marijuana, that’s illegal, cocaine, or whatever else these people are using to get high.” His main concern in this statement is ensuring that a system that’s “well-intentioned” doesn’t become abused.

With statistics pointing to the truth of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) enhancing kids’ overall health by 35 percent and reducing their food insecurity—when households lack consistent access to nutritious food because of limited resources—by 20 percent, recipients are most likely not abusing the opportunity to maintain the health of their families for the quick high of an edible or some angel dust. The ideology of which still is unfathomable.

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Langone goes on to oddly and unnecessarily weave in his $40,000 social security paycheck into the conversation. It appears to be an attempt to fill the gap between his misunderstanding of the lower and middle class use of food stamps and his cushioned $3.2 billion net worth lifestyle padded with social security checks for recreational purposes.

Mr. Ken digs himself an even deeper hole in stating that America never actually wanted what the Affordable Healthcare Act had to offer.

“Go back all the way to the creation of Obamacare. I think they had one thing in mind when they created it, a single payer. That’s what they wanted. They created a law that guarantees, in its own failings, it would have to end up being a single payer, which would be the government. And guess what? That’s not what I think America wants.”

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Ken Langone insinuates to take on the views of the infamous “healthcare is a privilege” stance as he attests that if he wants to pay for his own healthcare and is able to, he should. Keep in mind, this is the same man that announced moments prior that he’s proud that America’s hospitals don’t turn people away who don’t have insurance. Make up your mind, Kenny. Playing the fence on opinionated issues makes one look fickle.