Iggy Azalea And Brazilian Pop Star Anitta “Switch” Things Up In (Leaked) Video

A mere 48 hours after her brand new single’s debut (May 18), a visibly disappointed Iggy Azalea learned that the video for “Switch” (above) was leaked ahead of its proper premiere date.

“We had bigger plans for the video on the right day of release,” said The New Classic rapper. “And this leaking really just ruins things for Anitta and I, so I’m really disappointed that this has happened. I don’t know if the video will be released at all now. If it does, I hope that everyone will still support it.”

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Said leaked – and mighty colorful – video finds Brazilian pop star Anitta cooing about fantasies alongside a scantily-clad Iggy, in various getups—including a string bikini.

While she debates on whether or not to release an official visual for her lead single to her sophomore album, Digital Distortion (expected to hit shelves later this Summer), watch her work up top.