Jordan Peele Aces The #GetOutChallenge On ‘The Tonight Show’

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The success of Jordan Peele’s first feature film Get Out has inspired memes, extensive think pieces and of course, the hilarious #GetOutChallenge. Peele decided get in on the fun on Friday (May 26) by making his entrance to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a memorable one.

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Quick and sharp, the Golden Globe winner performed the viral act with ease. “That’s the first time I have done the Get Out challenge,” Peele admitted to Fallon. “I’m so glad I didn’t wipe out.” During his interview about Get Out’s DVD/Blu-ray release, Peele cleverly shared the news about his first child with wife and fellow comedian Chelsea Peretti (they’re “brewing a comedy legend”) and his upcoming series with Tracy Morgan.

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The Last O.G. will star Morgan, who returns to a gentrified Brooklyn after 15 years behind bars. As you can imagine, there’s bound to be plenty of laughs in between social and racial commentary. Peele’s been enjoying the monster success of Get Out, which grossed over $200 million and brought to life a new look at social thrillers.

Peele also shared that his next social thriller will be released March 2019.

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