Jordan Peele Extends A Hand Of Opportunity To Future Video Editing Guru

Earlier this week, a teen who goes by the Twitter handle @isaiahxavier10 awed social media users with his envious video editing and directing skills.

Through the widely-popular platform, which allows you to make a short music video to your favorite artist’s songs, the young filmmaker-in-training’s visual captured the attention of many, including Get Out director Jordan Peele.

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By way of fellow film creator Matthew A. Cherry, Peele was seemingly able to virtually link up with Isaiah to make cinematic magic happen.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Peele shared his hope to serve as a platform for future black filmmakers, particularly in the realm of horror.

“For young black horror filmmakers, if you have a script, reach out and I’ll try to help it get made,” he said. “Monkeypaw Productions is my production company and we’re really trying to promote untapped voices in genre.”

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He also revealed his opinion on why there’s a lack of movies through the lens of African-American people. “But I think, even more, the reason we don’t see more films about the African-American experience is because we haven’t nurtured black talent, we haven’t encouraged young black filmmakers to dream big,” he said.

Congrats Isaiah!

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