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Kalief Browder

Bronx Residents Honor Kalief Browder's Life & Legacy With Renamed Street

On what would have been his 24th birthday, Bronx officials present "Kalief Browder Way." 


Today (May 24), Kalief Browder would have been 24 years old. Unfortunately, his life was cut short in 2015 after taking his own life – his tragic fate after suffering from mental illness triggered by his wrongful imprisonment in Rikers. But in honor of his birthday, Bronx residents are honoring the young man by renaming a popular corner in the New York neighborhood. East 181 St. and Prospect Way is now known as "Kalief Browder Way."

The new street sign commemorating the name change was unveiled Thursday at 10 a.m. by neighborhood council members and Browder's family. Despite the rainy weather conditions, videos posted on social media show a number of Bronx residents paying their respects.

Kalief spent three years at Rikers Island while awaiting trial for allegedly stealing a backpack. During his stay in prison, he spent two of those years in solitary confinement, which ultimately had detrimental effects on his mental health. Despite showing interests in beginning a new chapter of his life after his release in 2013, the damage that was done was essentially irreversible. He took his life at the age of 22 years old.

Before his death, his story was brought to the public eye, thanks to a story that was published in The New Yorker by Jennifer Gonnerman. Details of Kalief's harsh reality were further brought to light in Spike TV's docuseries, TIME: The Kalief Browder Story, which chronicled his case from start to finish.

A street sign will not bring Kalief back, but his memory will definitely leave an impression on those who pass through the Bronx. Watch a clip of the unveiling below.

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Sandy Hook Elementary Evacuates After Bomb Threat On 6th Anniversary Of Mass Shooting

Sandy Hook Elementary School was reportedly forced to evacuate its students and administration on Friday (Dec. 14), after receiving a bomb threat, CNN reports. The incident occurred on the sixth anniversary of the school's tragic mass shooting.

Newtown, Connecticut Police Lt. Aaron Bahamonde stated that the threat didn't appear to be substantial, but they decided to  evacuate the facility as an extra precaution.

Bomb squads reportedly swept the school and surrounding area for explosive devices but did not discover anything on the property. They later concluded that there was no immediate threat. The school administration dismissed students and faculty for the rest of the day however, considering the previous incident.

As previously noted, Sandy Hook endured a horrific mass shooting on Dec. 14, 2012, in which 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult, staff members.

Earlier this month, thousands of documents were released about Lanza that revealed his mental state and social status in the years leading up to the shooting.

The shooting is not believed to be in connection to the recent string of bomb scares around the nation that targeted major politicians including the former first families Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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North Carolina prosecutors have placed blame on local law enforcement stating had police pursued evidence, 13-year-old Hania Aguilar would still be alive.

Robeson County District Attorney Luther Johnson Britt spoke with reporters Wednesday (Dec. 12) and said authorities were able to link suspect Michael Ray McLellan to an unrelated rape case for about a year but failed to take action.

"This hurts," Britt said. "This is like taking a punch to the gut and not being prepared to get it."

McLellan has been charged with first-degree murder and a host of other charges related to the kidnapping, rape, and murder of the teen. He's being held without bail. Last month, Hania was kidnapped from her driveway by the 34-year-old and forced into a relative's vehicle.

The eighth grader's body was found last week in water and the SUV was found less than 10 miles away from her body. Britt told CNN with the help of an interpreter he spoke to the teen's mother and explained their daughter wouldn't be coming home.

"It was a difficult conversation to have with her," he added. "Maybe the most difficult conversation I've ever had with a victim's family -- to tell them that had this information been followed up on -- her daughter might be alive."

Sheriff Burnis Wilkins said the department would launch an internal investigation.

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While speaking with NBC News, James said she will use every corner of the law to look at any illegal activity committed.

“We will use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions and that of his family as well," James said.

Specifically, James will investigate any illegal activity associated with the president's New York real-estate holdings, including the 2016 meeting with a Russian official at Trump Tower and any government subsidies he's received.

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After James announced her forthcoming investigation, Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen will face the music for lying to Congress and violating campaign laws. Cohen faces four years in prison.

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