Kansas Bail Bondsman Sentenced To Life For Killing 7-Year-Old Son And Feeding Remains To Pigs

A former Kansas bail bondsman was sentenced to life in prison Monday (May 9) for abusing, starving and killing his 7-year-old son and then feeding his remains to pigs located on the family’s rental property. Michael Jones, 46, pled guilty in March to first-degree murder of killing Adrian Jones in 2015. He will not be eligible for parole

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“You do not deserve a second chance. You do not deserve sunlight as a free man,” Keiona Doctor, sister to little Adrian said while speaking to Jones in court.

Adrian reportedly died in September or October of 2015, however his death was not reported. Adrian’s remains were found that November on the couple’s Kansas City rental property while police were responding to a report that Michael Jones physically assaulted his wife at home.

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Detective Stuart Littlefield held back tears Monday and said “what was left of (Adrian’s body) was fed to his pigs.” Littlefield asked for 20 seconds of silence, which were the 20 seconds Adrian was shocked with a stun gun. Little Adrian’s 31-year-old stepmother Heather Jones is also serving a life sentence. While she claimed she felt trapped by her abusive husband, investigators said Jones also abused the child.