Karrueche Denied Permanent Restraining Order Against Chris Brown After She’s A No-Show In Court

Karrueche Tran has reached a rough spot in her legal case against her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, in which she requested a permanent restraining order for her protection. A judge reportedly denied the actresses’s case on Tuesday (May 23), but it had nothing to do with the credibility of her testimony. It did however, have everything to do with the fact that Tran was a no-show in court.

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The model was reportedly  shooting her upcoming TV show Claws in New Orleans at the time of the court date, TMZ reports. The hearing was scheduled in order for the judge to hear various incidents in which CB allegedly threatened and/or physically abused her and a number of her close friends. While Tran couldn’t physically stand before the judge, she attempted to hop on the phone to state her case, but your honor wasn’t having it.

Ultimately, the judge decided to continue the case to a later date, saying in order for Tran to be granted a permanent restraining order against her ex, she needed to appear in court in person or give 12 days notice before the hearing that she would appear via phone.

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Coincidentally, Chris was also a no-show on Tuesday. His lawyers reportedly claimed he was not served with legal documents, according to TMZ.  His legal team’s statement contradicts video captured earlier in May 2017, showing him being served with paperwork during his own birthday bash in Houston. The “Party” singer also came forward on Instagram, declaring that he would not “accept papers from any lawyer. “I will not go to court to admit guilt to further tarnish who I am,” he said. He’s also suggested that he is the one who needs a restraining order from Karrueche and her legal team.

A continuation date for this case has not been announced.