Premiere: Keffaleng’s “Not So Famous” Video Finds Him In Hot Pursuit


Keffaleng’s Not So Famous EP maneuvered its way into my inbox earlier this year with just a few honest words and a link. Before hitting play after a grueling 12 hour day, I can honestly say I was over it before it even started.

READ: Keffaleng’s Moody ‘Not So Famous’ EP

However, the melodic sound waves that propelled from my speakers quickly changed my whole vibe within minutes. The Scarborough bred artist’s project immediately displays his knack for wavy production and addicting flows that make for a symbiotic relationship, which grips your ears off the rip.

Directed by RXSH, Keff debuts the stark video for the EP’s title track “Not So Famous” on VIBE today (May 23). With production by DPXND Inc., the vivid sounds feed the storyline as a vixen catches the man’s eye during a simple trip to the cornerstone. What happens next is for you to find out.

READ: Keffaleng’s Moody ‘Not So Famous’ EP

His Not So Famous project is available for stream on Spotify now.