Kendrick Lamar Narrates ‘The Truth’ Of Paul Pierce Trailing His Final NBA Game

“Inglewood’s own accomplished what many others never did before him.”

Kendrick Lamar acts as the voice of not only Inglewood but the multitudes of Californians that Paul Pierce carries on his back, honoured to have witnessed “The Truth’s” professional and cultural impact in a video brought in full by the LA Clippers yesterday (May 11).

The small forward bid the National Basketball Association a final farewell last month (April 30) in the Clippers’ first-round loss to the Utah Jazz in this season’s playoff run. The L.A. legend finessed a championship during his time with the Boston Celtics back in 2008, in which he was also crowned the Finals MVP.

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Over the beat to his recent series single, “The Heart Part 4,” Lamar narrates, “Life is not all about the wins and losses, it’s also about how you affect people,” as a community of people watch highlights of Pierce on his home court, where “The Truth” began, Inglewood High School.

A slew of basketball’s most elite and Pierce’s teammates solidify the meaning behind the former Celtic’s nickname including James Harden, Kobe Bryant, Isaiah Thomas and Chris Paul.


The Black Mamba and Kevin Garnett also joined The Player’s Tribune to reflect on their experiences with Pierce. Garnett refers to his former teammate as “one of the most clutch, calmer beasts” he’s ever met saying, “Sometimes I would think I was over the top, then I saw him and I would say, okay, this is what a beast is.”

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Bryant reflects on a UCLA pick-up game they played together and remembers saying, ‘’This guy is… this guy is going to be a problem.’” While his former Celtic’s coach, Doc Rivers likens the player to having feet and pace that’s “really hard to teach and really difficult to guard,” NBA legend, Oscar Robertson attests that Pierce never complained about the situation, rather he “adapted to the situation.”

A day after the Oakland native’s final professional run, LeBron James endorsed number 34 for Hall of Fame status: “He put his mark on this game… A champion. His numbers and what he was able to do out on the floor speaks for itself. So I would say his next stop is the Hall of Fame. Great ride. He had a hell of a ride for sure.”

That much is true, and basketball stans worldwide are appreciative of “The Truth” that Paul Pierce left on the court.

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