Kennedy Rd. Runs Away With Love In Her “Make It Last” Video

With all eyes on Toronto right now, there are groups of artists from every end looking for their big break. Not only in The 6 for that matter, but every hopeful artist in Canada now feels they can make it from no-name obscurity to international fame — and with good reason, too.

We can’t just thank Justin Bieber and Drake for the newfound cool factor of Toronto either, there have been plenty of musical acts before and after the aforementioned names who have played their part in the city’s status. On that list is the soulful singer Kennedy Rd. , who takes her name from the block that raised her. She has new two tracks/music videos that have been floating on our laptop screens lately: “Make It All” and “All I See” (both videos were directed by Editz Macias.).

The songstress has been working on new material with Boi-1da, Wondagurl and more for her forthcoming Cafe EP.

Stay tuned.