Kevin Hart Speaks On Building A Relationship With His Father

Although stories about Kevin Hart’s family — particularly his father — have filled his fans up with laughter during his stand-up specials, the Philly native decided to get candid on his relationship with his dad outside of the comedic arena.

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In a cover story for Variety, the blockbuster magnet discussed how he viewed his father, Henry Witherspoon, as a kid and the lessons he applies to his everyday life.

“He didn’t escape any of it — jail, drugs, addictions, ruining your family to a point where my mom didn’t want me and my brother to be around him,” he said. “Seeing the stuff firsthand. Seeing the reality behind drugs and addiction, and what it can really do to a person, that’s why I don’t do drugs. I learned what I shouldn’t be doing from what my dad did.”

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The 37-year-old also shared that his father is a positive force in his children’s lives. “He’s as good as he can be. He’s very much in their lives,” he said. “He talks to them. He sends them messages. He Facetimes. He’s serious about making his presence felt.”

Hart will appear in the forthcoming Captain Underpants movie, out June 2.