Kid Ink Readies The Summer Weather With New Single, “Supasoaka”


Cali’s own Kid Ink is greeting the summer weather with a batch of backyard-party anthems. While he’s almost ready to come through with his 7 Series EP, the melodic rapper gives fans his new single, “Supasoaka.”

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Kid Ink crafts a jamming tune well-suited for any festivity involving warm weather and cold drinks. He lights up the Murda Beatz-produced track in convincing fashion with rhymes like, “Pop somethin’ for me, while I pop another Rosé/Now she lookin’ at me like, “Don’t spray”/I’m just sayin’, huh, you don’t want the man, huh/Rollin’ up a gram, huh, toast a couple grams high/It’s your jam, huh, peanut butter skin, huh/Where you been all my life? Where you been?”

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The 7 Series EP is set to be released on May 5.