Kobe Bryant Sends Birthday Present To Brother Of Jordan Edwards


Kobe Bryant was clearly touched by the story of Jordan Edwards. Weeks after the unarmed 15-year-old boy was fatally gunned down by a Texas police officer, Bryant gave the late teen’s brother a birthday gift that he’s not likely to forget.

The NBA great gifted Kevon Edwards, who turned 17 one day after his younger brother was laid to rest, with autographed jerseys and a couple pairs of his signature sneakers.

Bryant also called him and added a special message for the birthday boy: “To Kevon, Do epic things! God bless. Much love!”

Kevon, Jordan, and their stepbrother, Vidal Allen, were in the same vehicle when Balch Springs police followed them, as they left a party on April 29. According to the Dallas Morning News, an officer entered the house party, thrown without permission  by a teen boy whose mother was out of town.

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Cops arrived at around 11 p.m., apparently in search of alcohol that never materialized (Vidal had a strict no alcohol rule for his brothers).

The mother of the boy who threw the party said her son told her that an officer came into the house and asked if his parents were home. He said the office was polite, but gunshots rang out moment later, causing the teens to scatter.

Amid the chaos, Kevon, Jordan and Vidal hopped into their car and drove off, while police followed them. Vidal recalled hearing officers cursing and telling them get out of the car. He was shifting the car into park, when shots were fired.

Former Balch Springs Officer Roy Oliver fired into the vehicle striking Jordan in the head, and killing him. As the unarmed teen lay dying, Vidal said that he overheard one of the officers use the n-word.

Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber originally stated that the vehicle was rushing towards the cops, but later changed the story.

Oliver has since been fired from the department  (he’s apparently plans to appeal the decision), and charged with murder. Despite his brief arrest, Oliver was released after posting $300,000 bond.

While the family continues to mourn Jordan’s death, the Department of Justice has officially opened an investigation into the fatal shooting incident, according to the Huffington Post.

Though the DOJ’s opened probes into several police shootings, the newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions isn’t a fan of policing the police.

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