Lil’ Yachty Finally Becomes Prom King In His “Bring It Back” Video


Lil’ Yachty is truly reliving all of his Teenage Emotions out in real life. Despite the fact that he was born in the 1997, his new “Bring It Back” music video takes place at an ’80s high school prom.

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As the band leader, the Atlanta rapper rocks the school function and earns him some face time with his queen. It all goes to plan until his boo’s pops finds them smooching on his front porch at the end of the wild night. Press play below to witness exactly how the night unfolds.

Yachty’s duet with Kyle, “I Spy,” is currently making its rounds cross the world. Lil’ Boat’s Teenage Emotions album hits retailers on May. 26 via Quality Control Music/Motown Records.