Lil Yachty Apparently Has Receipts For His Non-360 Deal

Joe Budden and Lil Yachty seem to have made a lasting affect on each other’s lives. The Twitterverse is still snickering at memes of Budden popping off at Lil Boat and Yachty is plagued with proving exactly the details of his contract.

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On Tuesday (May 2), Yachty sat down with self-proclaimed “oldhead-rapper” Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis on Complex’s Everyday Struggle. At the 15:04 mark, Budden asks Yachty if he has a “360 deal.” The “Broccoli” rapper is clearly confused by the question, which initiates questioning on and off the show about whether or not Lil Boat knows the terms of his own record deal.

24 hours later, the Capitol Records artist took to Twitter last night (May 3) to silence those prying into his business, but we’re still not convinced he’s up on game with music industry lingo.

The American Bar Association describes a “360 deals” as “contracts that allow the record label to receive a percentage of the earnings from all of an artist’s activities rather than just earnings from record sales.” Budden was basically asking if Capitol Records gets a kickback for every ad Lil Yachty appears in or each piece of concert merch he sells.

When Lil Boat told Twitter that he owns all of his publishing and recouped his deal (paid back the advance he received upon signing), he didn’t really answer the question at hand. He admits that he “wasn’t aware of the term ‘360 deal,'” but we think he’s still not quite sure what’s going on.

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