Lil Yachty Transforms Into An “X Men” On Aggresive New Track

Lil Yachty may be a ligh-hearted and happy teenager by day, but at night, he transforms into an action hero. The 19-year old released his latest track from his forthcoming album, it is undoubtedly a change of pace from his usual sound.

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The rapid fire track comes of aggressively, boasting an edgy and hard-hitting beat. On the nearly 3-minute track, Yachty essentially brags about his lifestyle, while somewhat separating himself from other artists, namely those in the trap industry. “Nineteen years old I got seven figs / Break that b***h back like a tree twig / I love my son more than anybody / F**k I look like in a Maserati / I leave that s**t to the trap stars / A n***a like me a busy body,” he raps. The song also features a couple of lines from El Paso artists Evander Griiim on the hook.

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“X Men” is reportedly coming from Lil Boat’s forthcoming project Teenage Emotions. The project has gotten a lot of hype due to its recently debuted album cover, which shows Yachty sitting in a move theater surrounded by a diverse group of people, including a boy with Albinism, a same-sex couple, and a plus-size woman. “I wanted to have all these aspects of teenage life,” Yachty said of his vision for the cover.  “So I thought about all the things I saw in high school for the first time, that I had never experienced before. I had never seen two dudes kissing until high school.”

Teenage Emotions isn’t due until May 26, but in the meantime listen to his new track below.

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