So Apparently The Internet Couldn’t Figure Out Why LL Cool J Was Trending

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In 2017 when an artist’s name trends on Twitter, especially an artist who may not receive that much social media attention, it’s understandable why some may think the worst has come to pass. On Tuesday (May 23) legendary Queens MC LL Cool J began to trend and many wondered if hip-hop lost another great MC.

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But shortly after learning James Todd Smith was alive and well, many scratched their digital heads and wondered why was the Lip Sync Battle host the topic of social media attention. After scrolling through LL’s timeline, it became obvious Mr. Smith is about fed up with a few hip-hop artists today.

LL didn’t name a particular “meatball” nor define what makes a rapper a “meatball” but its obvious the two-time Grammy award winning artist and actor is ready to get on a mic if need be. Social media however was a mixed bag when it came to LL’s challenge to today’s artists. Some were in support, while others couldn’t get over LL actually using the word meatball in a tweet.

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So, do you think LL Cool J is the one to school some of these rappers, or nah? Sound off in the comments.