‘Lowriders’ Is A Movie About East LA’s Legendary Car Culture (Exclusive)

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Danny’s (Gabriel Chavarria) overnight arrest after tagging up the side of a bridge sets the tone for the Ricardo de Montreuil-directed, adrenaline-induced Lowriders, a quasi coming-of-age set against the effervescent backdrop of East LA’s underside, yet legendary car culture.

Bailed out by his old-school father and famed lowrider maven Miguel (Demián Bichir), Danny is thrust into a whirlwind of change, straddling the worlds of lowrider culture and artistic self-expression, balancing new love and old friends all the while.

To complicate matters—and growing pains, the father-son duo are met with the tumultuous return of Danny’s older ex-con brother Francisco (Theo Rossi), who is hellbent on vengeance for childhood trauma and the neglect of his father, after doing an eight-year bid behind bars. Hollywood veteran Eva Longoria plays Gloria, mother and subsequent wife who tries to keep it all together.

Lowriders – out May 12 – emerges a film about love, forgiveness and a historic pride, the latter significantly tethered in Mexican heritage. Watch the official trailer up top and an exclusive look below, courtesy of BH Tilt.